The Second Law of Thermodynamics in the World of Bits
To make sure your car, love, or operating system run smoothly, you need to remember to check, fix, and update them.

Things without care deteriorate and decay. Scientists call this the second law of thermodynamics. We see its action every day. An abandoned house turns into a ruin. A car, if we do not maintain it, after some time becomes scrap. A scratch on the smartphone screen grows bigger, and air escapes from the balloon. Everything, without exception, to stay in good condition, requires additional energy and work. A marriage will fall apart or become a nightmare if there is a lack of feelings, flowers, and the ability to forgive. And we will lose a longtime customer if we are not interested in him

What about the intangible world of bits? It, too, will not last long without our efforts. New computers are slowing down every month. Applications hang. The code of programs breaks down. New versions of software are full of bugs. This is not the user's fault, but a natural regularity. The more complex a hardware or digital product is, the more care it needs. You can't get away with changes, corrections, repairs, even in a world of abstract zeros and ones. Whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or smart TV - all equipment should be taken care of and regularly updated. Even the best solution may have vulnerabilities that cybercriminals will gladly take advantage of. Why make their lives easier?

It's not enough to update your software and operating system. You also need to update your digital skills. This is important not only for economies and companies, but also for people. Those who don't keep up with IT innovations will squander their chances for success in life and work. Besides, he will feel like a stranger in the new digital reality. Today, technology is our second - or maybe first - home that needs our care, but also the knowledge of how to use it. Without them, it will be ruined.